Production Release 2.128
Incident Report for Cloud Elements Changelog

Highlights (Production 2.128)

Enhanced OneDrive for Business element POST /files to include overwrite parameter

  • Added an Overwrite parameter to the POST /files endpoint. Now you can choose whether to overwrite an existing file or not when uploading.

Renamed the Eloqua element to Oracle Eloqua

  • You'll now find the Eloqua element under its new name: Oracle Eloqua.

Added list contacts API to the Constant Contact element

  • You can now pull down contacts for a particular list using GET /lists/: id/contacts. It also has support for pagination, try it out!

Added ability to define partition name while creating Marketo Instance

  • You now have the ability to define a partition name when creating a Marketo element instance, which will be used by the instance for the lead APIs.

Added orderBy support to the Zendesk element for Tickets

  • We've added an orderBy parameter to the Zendesk element for retrieving Tickets with GET /incidents.

Removed Hubspot Portal ID field from the Hubspot CRM and Marketing elements

  • The Hubspot Portal ID field will no longer be available while provisioning the Hubspot CRM and Marketing elements. This is due to the deprecation of OAuth1 authentication by Hubspot.

Corrected a harmless status message for bulk uploads for non-batch endpoints

  • When using POST /bulk/{objectName} for non-batch endpoints, a harmless yet misleading status message of "Scheduling vendor jobs" was seen with the GET /bulk/{jobId}/status API. This message has now been removed.

Posted Aug 14, 2017 - 12:00 MDT