Production Release 2.127
Incident Report for Cloud Elements Changelog

Highlights(Production - 2.127)

New Hootsuite element

  • We've added the new Hootsuite element under the Social hub. It's still in beta, so expect additional resources to come. Bulk download and events are currently supported.

Improved Tipalti bulk upload

  • You can now use POST /bulk/invoices to bulk upload invoice records.

Added support for the overwrite flag for the Google Drive element's file copy feature

  • The overwrite flag is now available for the Google Drive element's file copy feature via the POST /files/copy?overwrite=<false|true> API.

Added Attachments resource to the JIRA element

  • Added a new GET /attachments/{id}/metadata resource, allowing you to get metadata for an attachment by ID in the JIRA element.

Added additional fields to the BrightTALK element's metadata

  • The following fields were added to the subscribersWebcastActivity resource of the BrightTALK element:

    • user.level


    • user.stateProvince

Posted Aug 07, 2017 - 08:05 MDT