Staging Release 2.131
Incident Report for Cloud Elements Changelog

Highlights (Staging 2.131)

Added webhook support to the Sharefile element

  • The Sharefile element now supports webhooks for event handling. It's much faster and more reliable than polling, which will no longer be supported.

New iContact element

The new iContact element supports the following resources:

  • campaigns

  • contacts

  • lists

  • messages

  • unsubscribes

  • Events: Polling

    • contacts - Event Type: CREATE

    • messages - Event Type: CREATE

  • Bulk: Supported for campaigns, contacts, lists, and messages resources.

Added event support for the Salesforce Files element

  • Polling is now available for the Salesforce Files element.

Fixed customer address line transformation for the Quickbooks Online element

  • We've fixed the transformation of Bill and Shipping Address lines 2 and 3 so that they are now available for transformation in the Customer object.

Updated models of the Connectwise Helpdesk element

Added the following to the models:

  • Required fields

  • Primary key

  • Vendor object names

Posted Aug 28, 2017 - 06:49 MDT