Production Release 2.133
Incident Report for Cloud Elements Changelog

Highlights (Production 2.133)

Enhanced OneDrive for Business element to handle implicit path creation

  • The OneDrive for Business element will now create a path when creating a file or folder, if it does not exist.

  • Implicit path creation will work for the following APIs:

    • PATCH /files/metadata

    • PATCH /files/{id}/metadata

    • PATCH /folders/metadata

    • PATCH /folders/{id}/metadata

    • POST /files/copy

    • POST /files/{id}/copy

    • POST /folders

    • POST /files

Enhanced the LinkedIn element

  • The LinkedIn element now supports the following resources:

    • companies

    • user

  • Events are supported with polling, for create events only at this time.

  • Bulk is available for likes, comments, and updates.

Added pipeline object APIs for the Hubspot CRM element

Added new pipeline resource to the Hubspot CRM element:

  • GET /pipelines

  • GET /pipelines/{id}

  • POST /pipelines

  • PUT /pipelines

  • DELETE /piplines

Posted Sep 19, 2017 - 10:54 MDT