Staging Release 2.124
Incident Report for Cloud Elements Changelog

Highlights - Staging 2.124

Added products and update related records APIs in the Zoho CRM element

  • We've added products (CRUDS /products) and update related records (PATCH /products/{objectName}/{id}) APIs in the Zoho CRM element.

Enabled bulk for the Base CRM element

  • Bulk functionality is now supported by the Base CRM element.

Added APIs to retrieve bulk log usage details

  • Created APIs for viewing bulk logs via /usage/bulk and /bulk/{id}

Added handling for nested queries in OData elements

  • For OData elements (SAP Cloud for Customer, SuccessFactors, and Act! Essentials), we added handling to filter complex objects. So given the following response body:


"Name": {
"content": "Monarch bike enquiry"

  • You can now perform a query to find it in a GET call, where = Name.content = 'Monarch bike enquiry'. Good luck and happy filtering!

Added multi-entity functionality to the Intacct element

  • Multi-entity functionality is now supported.

Updated the OneDrive element to allow special characters in path

  • We now support all of the characters that OneDrive allows in file paths. This includes non-numeric or non-English language characters.

Migrated Volusion to new poller configuration

  • We've upgraded the Volusion poller configuration to our JSON configuration so that you can now get UDPATED events, but don't worry - any instances with events enabled will still work as expected.

Added new incident properties resource to the Jira element

  • The GET /incidents/{id}/{objectName} API now returns data for the properties object type.

  • Added the following APIs for incident properties resource:

    • GET /incidents/{incidentId}/properties

    • DELETE /incidents/{incidentId}/properties/{id}

    • GET /incidents/{incidentId}/properties/{id}

    • PUT /incidents/{incidentId}/properties/{id}

Added ability to search formula instance executions by trigger object ID

  • The GET /formulas/instances/:id/executions API now has two new, optional, query parameters. The first is objectId, which can be used to search formula instance executions by a specific trigger object ID. This will return all of the executions that were triggered by that object. The second optional query parameter is eventId, which can be used to find all executions that were kicked off based on a specific event.

Added new resources to the Netsuite Finance element

  • Added new resources classifications, departments, and locations to the Netsuite Finance element.

Posted about 1 year ago. Jul 10, 2017 - 13:52 MDT