Production Release 2.122
Incident Report for Cloud Elements Changelog

Highlights - Production 2.122

Added time-entries APIs to the Connectwise Helpdesk element

  • We've added APIs for the time-entries object in the Connectwise Helpdesk element.

Added event configuration for the Freshservice element

  • Events are now supported on the incidents, problems, changes, departments, and users objects.

Formulas can now be exposed as synchronous APIs

  • A formula template can now be exposed as a synchronous API call by setting that formula's method and uri fields. When those fields are set, an instance of that formula can then be executed via that API by passing an Elements-Formula-Instance-Id HTTP header on the call to the configured method and URI.

Improved Postgresql bulk upload capabilities

  • We've updated our Postgresql element's bulk upload to use Postgres batch update capability to improve the performance of bulk during uploads.

  • For Postgresql 9.5 and above, we've modified the bulk upsert to use the default Postgresql query support for better performance and fewer calls to the database.

  • To use this new bulk record approach, you can pass bulkUploadRecordSize as 20 in the metadata. By default, bulk uses single record upload.

Enhanced some instances APIs to work with an instance token

  • We've added a new way to call some of the /instances APIs. Similar to /instances/{id}, and others that require an instance ID to work, you can now call some /instances APIs with an element token in the Authorization header. We will return the instance details for the instance that the token belongs to.

Bug fixes

Fixed Box element file copy overwrite issue

  • For the box element, when a file was copied to an existing file path, but with the overwrite flag set to false, caused the API to fail (valid) but deleted the existing destination file (not valid)

  • This issue has now been fixed

Posted about 1 year ago. Jul 05, 2017 - 11:00 MDT