Production Release 2.129
Incident Report for Cloud Elements Changelog

Highlights (Production 2.129)

New LinkedIn element

The new LinkedIn element supports the following APIs:

  • GET /companies

  • GET /companies/{id}/followers

  • GET /companies/{id}/updates/comments

  • GET /companies/{id}/updates/likes

Improved the Pipedrive element

  • We've added the activity-type resource, with operations for create, update, delete, and search.

  • You can now also create an instance of Pipedrive using one of two authentication methods:

    • Email and password

    • Direct Access Token

Improved Element Builder Swagger importer to handle models

  • The Swagger importer in Element Builder now supports importing the request and response models.

Added webhook support for certain objects in the JIRA element

  • Webhook events for issues, projects, options, and users are now supported.

Added new vendor-credits APIs to the Quickbooks Enterprise element

  • We've enhanced the Quickbooks Enterprise element by adding Vendor Credit APIs, with support for create, retrieve, update, delete, and search.

Added UTF-8 support for folders in the OneDrive V1 element

  • OneDrive V1's POST /folders has gotten with the times and now supports UTF-8 characters in the folder name.

Posted Aug 20, 2017 - 18:35 MDT