Production Release 2.136
Incident Report for Cloud Elements Changelog

Highlights (Production 2.136)

Enhanced Sharepoint element to handle implicit path creation

  • The sharepoint element will now create a path while updating file metadata, if it does not exist.
    Implicit path creation will work for the following APIs:

    • PATCH /files/metadata

    • PATCH /files/{id}/metadata

Improved Salesforce Sales Cloud search

  • Fixed Salesforce Sales Cloud search for empty emails. ex: email=''.

  • Fixed the issues with pagination for Salesforce Service Cloud categories.

Added new Salesforce Sales Cloud resources

  • You can now manage ContentDocuments, ContentVersions, & ContentDocumentLinks using the following set of resources:

GET /files

GET /files/{fileId}/metadata
GET /files/{fileId}/versions
GET /files/{fileId}/versions/{versionId}
GET /files/{fileId}/versions/{versionId}/metadata
GET /files/{fileId}/versions/latest-version
GET /files/{fileId}/versions/latest-version/metadata
GET /{objectName}/{objectId}/files
GET /{objectName}/{objectId}/files/details

POST /files
POST /files/{fileId}/versions
POST /{objectName}/{objectId}/files
POST /{objectName}/{objectId}/files/{fileId}

PATCH /files/{fileId}/metadata
PATCH /files/{fileId}/versions/{versionId}/metadata

DELETE /files/{fileId}

Enhanced Volusion bulk to handle OrderDate

  • The Volusion /bulk/query can now handle orders with fields OrderDateUtc and OrderDate.

Enhanced Netsuite Finance V2 element

  • Added CRUDS for /checks resource

  • Added CRUDS for /ledger-accounts

  • Added RS for /posting-periods

Implemented 2FA and Password Policy configuration

  • Two-factor authentication can now be configured by an organization admin for all of that organization's users with either SMS or Google Authenticator.

  • Password reset emails now contain a link to reset your password, as opposed to resetting the password and sending you the new password.

Fixed element extend to allow using the same resource name across different accounts

  • Fixed element extend to allow using the same resource name across different accounts.

Fixed bulk upload using large files for the Marketo element

  • Fixed bulk upload using files that are larger than 10MB.

  • Improved messaging for Failed errors for bulk upload.

Posted Oct 10, 2017 - 08:44 MDT