Staging Release 2.130
Incident Report for Cloud Elements Changelog

Highlights (Staging 2.130)

Element Builder hooks apply to existing APIs for extended elements

  • Now you can supplement the behavior of existing endpoints with Element Builder hooks for those elements that allow the addition of Element Builder endpoints.

Added Google Drive event polling support

  • Google Drive now supports event polling. Polling allows us to be more specific about what sort of event has happened, that using the webhooks doesn't.

  • The CREATED event threshold parameter for Google Drive webhooks has been removed due to inconsistencies in webhook behavior. If you would like to leverage CREATED events please use polling.

Improved the elements/{id}/resources endpoints

  • The element resources APIs will now return a full resource object, including that resource's parameters, hooks, and models, on GET, GET by Id, POST, and PUT operations.

  • BONUS: PUT operations now operate on the model subresource, meaning models will be updated and/or deleted when performing a PUT on a resource.

Added new subsidiaries resource to the Netsuite Finance V2 element

  • We've added a new subsidiaries resource to the Netsuite Finance v2 element.

Posted Aug 21, 2017 - 12:00 MDT