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Jul 28, 2017

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Jul 27, 2017

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Jul 26, 2017

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Jul 25, 2017

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Jul 24, 2017

Highlights (Production 2.125)

Changed Salesforce element name

  • The Salesforce element is now named Salesforce Sales Cloud to properly reflect Salesforce's own branding.

Improved the status message for CSV bulk upload jobs where the file headers were not found

  • When the input CSV file for a bulk upload job has incorrect/invalid headers, the status on the ABORTED job indicates this condition.

  • Previously, the status message was empty or null, which did not indicate anything about what went wrong.

Added ability to search Netsuite Purchase orders by status

  • Added ability to search Netsuite Purchase orders by status.

  • Example: search='_purchaseOrderPendingBill'

Added QuickBooks Enterprise support for query by IsActive in where clause

  • QuickBooks Enterprise now supports query by IsActive in where clause for customers and vendors.

Jul 24, 08:40 MDT

Highlights (Staging - 2.126)

Added new APIs for the TaxAgency resource in the Quickbooks Online element

The following new endpoints have been added to the Quickbooks Online element:

  • GET /tax-agencies

  • GET /tax-agencies/{id}

  • POST /tax-agencies

Made customer ID available in 'customers' event payloads

  • Customer ID is now available in the otherId field of the event payload for the customer-create and customer-update event types.

  • This feature has been added for the customers resource only.

Abridged elements and instances for UI search

  • Now, new element instances will return a list of created tags in the JSON response.

Added ability to provision Facebook Social using an Application Access Token

  • You now have the ability to provision an instance of the Facebook Social element using Facebook's Application Access Token. Try it out!

Limited access to formulas that are none of your business

  • We've introduced a few new rules which limit which formulas a user can access in their organization

    • Admin users can see every formula without any restrictions.

    • Non admin users of the main account can see any formula owned by any main account user, but can't see any subaccount formulas.

    • Subaccount users can see any formula in their own subaccount as well as any formula owned by the organization's admin users, but can't see any formulas owned by a different subaccount.

  • Note that this doesn't change the rules regarding who can edit or delete a formula.

Updated element name and logo for Freshbooks

  • The Freshbooks name and logo have been updated to Freshbooks Classic

Enhanced element object metadata

  • Added method to each field to define where the field is used. For example:


"type": "string",
"vendorPath": "first_name",
"method": [
"response": true,
"name": "GET"
"request": true,
"response": true,
"name": "POST"
"request": true,
"response": true,
"name": "PATCH"

  • Added method in JS transformations where the possible values can be GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and BULK. You can use this along with from vendor to determine the method call and direction.

  • This is available for all Element Builder based elements.

screen recording 2017-07-06 at 07 37 pm

Fixed password validation on Pardot element instance creation

  • You can now create an instance of Pardot with a password that contains special characters such as:

> ( ` ,^ and " )

Added new documents and attachments functionality to the Salesforce Sales Cloud element

  • You can now retrieve all of your Salesforce Sales Cloud documents & attachments using the new GET /{objectName}/{objectId}/data resource.

Improved Salesforce Sales Cloud bulk querying

  • A finite list of objects/resources in Salesforce Sales Cloud support "primary key" (PK) chunking for large data sets.

  • The Salesforce Sales Cloud element's bulk query API now checks if PK chunking is supported for the requested object/resource, and applying the same.

  • The list of resources/objects for which PK chunking is supported is as follows:

    • Account

    • Campaign

    • CampaignMember

    • Case

    • Contact

    • Lead

    • LoginHistory

    • Opportunity

    • Task

    • User

    • All custom objects

Convert an XML response to JSON if the response content type indicates XML content

  • Some vendor endpoints require a Content-Type of application/form-encoded or some other non-JSON content type, but return XML content. In this case, using the request Content-Type to determine if the response needs to be converted to JSON from XML will result in an XML string being returned for the response.

  • Added a mechanism to check the response Content-Type header, and if set to text/xml or application/xml, convert the response body to JSON

Jul 24, 08:37 MDT
Jul 23, 2017

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Jul 22, 2017

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Jul 21, 2017

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Jul 20, 2017

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Jul 19, 2017

Highlights (Staging 2.125)

Salesforce element name change

  • Salesforce is now named Salesforce Sales Cloud to properly reflect Salesforce branding.

Ability to search Netsuite Purchase orders by status

  • Added ability to search Netsuite Purchase orders by status.

  • Example: search='_purchaseOrderPendingBill'

Jul 19, 05:39 MDT
Jul 18, 2017

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Jul 17, 2017

Highlights (2.124)

New Campaign Monitor element

  • New Campaign Monitor element in the Marketing Hub with functionality for bulk and events. Try it out!

Added new APIs to the Zoho CRM element

  • We've added products (CRUDS /products) and update related records (PATCH /products/{objectName}/{id}) APIs to the Zoho CRM element.

Enabled bulk for the Base CRM element

  • Bulk functionality is now supported by the Base CRM element.

Added APIs to retrieve bulk log usage details

  • Created APIs for viewing bulk logs via the /usage/bulk and /usage/bulk/{id} endpoints.

Added handling for nested queries in OData elements

  • For OData elements (SAP Cloud for Customer, SuccessFactors, and Act! Essentials), we added handling to filter complex objects. So given the following response body:

    "Name": {
    "content": "Monarch bike enquiry"

  • You can now perform a query to find it in a GET call, where = Name.content = 'Monarch bike enquiry'. Good luck and happy filtering!

New Constant Contact element

  • New Constant Contact element under the Marketing hub. It's still in beta, so expect additional resources to come. Bulk download and events are currently supported.

Added multi-entity functionality to the Intacct element

  • Multi-entity functionality is now supported. So, for a multi-entity shared company, you can provide a locationId/entityId on instance creation.

Updated the OneDrive element to allow special characters in path

  • We now support all of the characters that OneDrive allows in file paths. This includes non-numeric or non-English language characters.

Migrated Volusion to new poller configuration

  • We've upgraded the Volusion poller configuration to our JSON configuration so that you can now get UDPATED events, but don't worry - any instances with events enabled will still work as expected.

Added new incident properties resource to the Jira element

  • The GET /incidents/{id}/{objectName} API now returns data for the properties object type.

  • Added the following APIs for incident properties resource:

    • GET /incidents/{incidentId}/properties

    • DELETE /incidents/{incidentId}/properties/{id}

    • GET /incidents/{incidentId}/properties/{id}

    • PUT /incidents/{incidentId}/properties/{id}

Added ability to search formula instance executions by trigger object ID

  • The GET /formulas/instances/:id/executions API now has two new, optional, query parameters. The first is objectId, which can be used to search formula instance executions by a specific trigger object ID. This will return all of the executions that were triggered by that object. The second optional query parameter is eventId, which can be used to find all executions that were kicked off based on a specific event.

Added new resources to the Netsuite Finance element

  • Added new resources classifications, departments, and locations to the Netsuite Finance element.

Fixed a defect with the ShareFile element's file copy API

  • The ShareFile element's POST /files/copy and POST /files/{id}/copy API was not honoring the optional overwrite flag used to overwrite (or not) the destination file, if one already existed.

Added new fields to the BrightTALK activities API

  • We've added some new fields to the GET /channels/{channelId}/activities API on the BrightTALK element.

The new fields are:

  • activityUrl (shows url info based on whether the webcast is over or hasn't started.)

  • activityType (will be Registration, Live or Recorded)

  • liveViewingDurationMinutes (orig. value rounded in minutes)

  • webcast.durationMinutes (orig. value rounded in minutes)

  • totalViewingDurationMinutes (orig. value rounded in minutes)

  • recordedViewingDurationMinutes (orig. value rounded in minutes)

Jul 17, 11:48 MDT
Jul 16, 2017

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Jul 15, 2017

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Jul 14, 2017

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